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At Conviction we believe that the top performing companies are built by the best  supported and efficiently-funded founders.

Reshaping access to capital
with founders in mind.

We provide direct private patient capital to early stage, high growth software companies over the full lifecycle of the business. Our open architecture enables us to deliver the right amount of capital at the right time and cater to the needs of the business. We do not adhere to traditional fund’s timelines, allocations and limits. Our commercial terms are founder friendly, light touch and pragmatic.

We employ a less dilutive milestone-based approach whereby we fund our portfolio

companies with the capital they require for the next phase of growth every 12 to 18

months. We seek to avoid overfunding and excessive founder dilution. In addition to the long term, follow-on capital, we leverage our investor network to offer portfolio companies active and flexible support every step of the w ay.

Investor Map Open Architecture_V5-03.png

We are high conviction investors. We prioritise risk alignment by investing our personal capital and aim to be the largest investors
in every deal.



Andrew Jenkins, General Partner

The Benefits

Minimised dilution for the founders and shareholders

Maximum alignment between the founders and investors
Follow-on funding across the maturity spectrum

Flexible capital support different instruments, volumes and structures

Active partnerships active, long term partnership and access to blue-chip investor network
Secondary market simplified, well-managed caps tables provide access to early liquidity

Andrew and the Conviction team led Adepto’s latest fundraise. Andrew takes a fair and firm but founder friendly approach, which is refreshing. The process was smooth with expectations set and met at all stages. Conviction’s continued involved in Adepto is also valuable from a commercial focus and prioritisation perspective. I would recommend working with Conviction to any scaling company.


Chris Milligan, Founder and CEO of Adepto


If you are a founder of a business that fits the outlined investment criteria feel free to get in touch with our investment team by following this link:
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Conviction Investment Partners Limited (FRN 797117) is an Appointed Representative of Enterprise Investment Partners LLP (FRN 604439), a firm which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our investments place your capital at risk and the value of them may go down as well as up and an investor may not get back the amount they invest. Investments in unquoted early stage/small companies and funds that invest in these smaller companies are high risk and you should not invest unless you can afford total loss or if you are likely to require the capital in the near term since such investments can be difficult to realise. Neither past performance nor forecasts are reliable indicators of future results and should not be relied upon. We recommend you seek independent advice before investing.

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