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KYC Guidance

For an Individual Investing:

BOTH documents are required for proof of identity:

1.    A copy of your passport certified, signed and dated
2.    A copy of a utility bill or bank statement no more than 3 months old from today’s date certified, signed and dated

Individuals who can certify documents are:

•    bank or building society official
•    post office official
•    minister of religion
•    dentist or doctor
•    chartered accountant
•    solicitor or notary
•    teacher or lecturer

The person you ask should NOT be:

•    related to you
•    living at the same address
•    in a relationship with you

The wording needed on a document to certify it is: 
“I hereby certify this to be a true copy of the passport/utility bill of [Name] seen by me on [Date]” Signed: 

The certifier should be registered in your country of residence (if based outside of the UK certification should be done by a lawyer, accountant or notary).

For a Corporate Vehicle Investing:

As well as the above documents, the below is also required.

•    Certificate of Incorporation
•    Memorandum/Articles of Association

•    List of authorised signatories
•    Register of Directors
•    Simple ownership structure diagram, showing any subsidiaries or parent company influence, certified by a director
•    Certified KYC documents for each director
•    Certified KYC documents for each ultimate beneficial owners holding 25% or above

•    Certified KYC documents for all authorised signatories

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